In the panorama of investment opportunities in agriculture – Forestry, the plant with greater added value and profit margins is the Clone Paulownia.


Under optimal conditions the plant can grow to a height of 25 meters in just three years. The business related to the timber that this plant is able to generate is enormous as used in the production of fine furniture, wooden beams, for saunas coatings, pallets for transport and storage, quality pellet and biomass in general.

The plant and its Properties

The Clone is made in the laboratory and this decreed an exceptional quality of all plants purchased. The plant adapts and is certified in climates from -24 ° C to + 42 ° C, but has been tested with excellent results from -30 ° C to + 50 ° C. The plant is resistant to disease and does not need pesticide treatments.


The cultivation of the plant does not prevent (except during the initial stages and after each cut) to be flanked by other mixed crops or making pasture. In addition to timber, the plant leaf can be tried for the manure of animals, the roots are in great demand to replace the nut for the industry of the rifles, the pipe or for musical instruments. The flower of the plant is highly sought after by bees that can produce about 500-700 kg of honey per hectare.