Soccer was always an important sport in my family. My father was a professional player many years ago, and he played some matches in the Argentinian “Primera Division”. He always learned me the importance of sacrifice and to never give up. My brother got the same message but he never made it to became a Professional Football Player. To many times my father’s recommendations to my brother became a fight. The Family is important but it’s not enough.

As a professional billiard player I early understood how important it is to have the right persons at your side. In my career I got in touch with other professional players of many sports and very often the support of the right manager was and is fundamental for long term success in sports like soccer.

In the last years I got in touch with many young soccer players of South America and they all want the same I wanted when I was at your age: an opportunity to proof their value.

As a The FA registered sport agent I’m in touch with many Italian soccer teams, directors, coaches and players. My goal is to use the connections I created in many years to support those young talented players.

So what are you waiting, let me be a part of your dream coming trough!